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Customer's FAQ’s

What are organic flytraps?

As the name implies, organic flytraps are pest control products availed at economical prices to prevent several diseases from spreading. These exceptional products are: 1) Safe 2) Effective 3) Biodegradable 4) Environmental Friendly

Where can biodegradable flytraps be used?

Our organic fly traps can be used anywhere flies are a problem, including homes, restaurants, hotels, gyms, greenhouses, and farms. Poultry farms, dairy farms, cow farms, waste centers, gardens, vegetable markets, zoos, and sports grounds are just a few of the many outdoor uses for these biodegradable flytraps.

Why should flies be trapped?

The main purpose of trapping flies is to stop them from spreading diseases and prevent contamination. Flies are the reason for several dangerous health issues. They can decrease the productivity of numerous businesses like the milk production industry. Flytraps are the ultimate solution to all pest control problems.

Are organic flytraps worth the investment?

Flies that are captured with fly traps are held in captivity, which stops them from flying around and potentially spreading infections and other issues. Fly traps have a negligible environmental impact because they do not kill or harm other organisms or pollute the surrounding area. They are economical and environmentally friendly because fly traps do not use poisons or other damaging chemicals. So, they are a great investment.

How are flies trapped by a flytrap?

Our flytraps employ organic bait to attract flies inside the trap. Both male and female flies are attracted to the bait. These traps have a system to ensure that flies can enter the device but cannot escape it. Since the material used to make fly traps is organic and biodegradable, it may be buried once the trap is full.